Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

It’s cold out there guys, it gets dark way too early and it’s definitely depressing. For those days that make you instantly pissed off by being whipped by cold air as soon as you step out the door, here are some things that I’m obsessing over to pick my mood up right now!

  1. Christmas Music: 100%, I am not ashamed whatsoever, turn on Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and get a playlist going. I hear the beginning of that song and I turn full-out performer in seconds, probably even start my own kick-line if the setting allows. But seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten in a WORSE mood by listening to that song, so why not give it a shot, RIGHT??
  2. Chili Cheese Dip. So random, but hot, delicious and ready in like 20 minutes. When I’m hungry and not in the mood to drop cash on a short lived Taco Bell or McDonald’s run, I whip this up and chow down. Search through my other blog posts for the recipe!
  3. Calling/FaceTiming friends I haven’t seen in a while. I transferred schools, so it always makes me feel better to catch up with friends from my first college and see how they’re doing. Old friends love to know you still think about them and it’s great to blow off some steam and get a fresh perspective from people you see all the time. These are a couple screen shots after hours and hours of much-needed phone time with my long distance best friends.

    4. Take a nap. This might seem counter productive but naps in moderation can be really good for increasing your mood. I’m guilty of going well beyond what I refer to as “moderation” but hey, sometimes your body just needs that. But when it’s done, get up and out of your room and do something to make yourself feel productive!


My Review: ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

So to preface,  I’m not going to pretend that I’m some crazy talented makeup guru. In fact, I taught myself everything I know through YouTube makeup tutorials and hours and hours of practice (to procrastinate school work, duh). Although I really don’t know the “correct way” of doing makeup, it’s still something I enjoy playing around with, and more particularly eye shadow.

I am a full time college student on a part-time employment budget, I KNOW the importance of spending money on things that are worth it. Blowing money I use to eat on makeup? It’s an addiction, sorry mom!! With that being said, I wanted to make a little post about my thoughts on the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. After getting my hands on it after a few months after it’s release (it sold out literally EVERYWHERE, for SO LONG!!), it’s safe to say I am obsessed with it and use it every single day!

Here’s a look I did the very day that I bought it. There are so many beautiful transition shades and even more amazing vibrant warm pinkish colors that really make you want to try something new everyday.

The formula for this product is incredibly and very pigmented, meaning you don’t need to use a lot to create the look that you want. Which means, it lasts you a longer amount of time! It cost me $42, and comes with 14 incredible shades, coming out to only $3 a color. For the quality of this product, that is an amazing deal! 10/10 recommend to everybody! 🙂


21 Ways To Deal With Stress

When life gets to be a little bit too much, I believe it’s important to remember there are things we can do to get us back on track.

  1. Get up a little earlier than you normally do – even if its just 15 minutes
  2. Try maintaining a sleep schedule
  3. Prepare for your day the night before
  4. Say “no” more often
  5. Avoid negativity
  6. Break down big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones
  7. Pet a dog
  8. Say something nice to someone, and to yourself
  9. Give yourself time to relax
  10. Turn on some music and dance
  11. Look at the stars
  12. Practice your breathing
  13. Surround yourself with great people and let them help you
  14. Sit down and vent to somebody
  15. Get up in the morning and stretch
  16. Eat cleaner, and get enough sleep
  17. Declutter your life – and your room
  18. Realize how people treat you and how that compares to how you should be treated
  19. Try and keep a journal
  20. Practice your appreciative listening
  21. Freely praise other people

Waitress Problems

I am a broke, full-time, stressed out college student that only has the time to spare to work on nights and weekends. So naturally, I have a bright idea to be a waitress for the flexible hours and USUALLY decent pay. Although I love my job 95% of the time, I have accumulated a plethora of things that as a server in the food service industry, I am TIRED of hearing. Here’s a few for you to enjoy:

“What salad dressings do you have?”

Okay, this one seems like an innocent question. But where I work, we have at least 10 different ones for me to list. So when you ask me to list every single salad dressing we have, and you STILL just order ranch, I’m gonna be angry.

 Tipping in change, or not at all.

Unless you have a neat roll of quarters, I do not want your sticky pennies, nickels, and dimes you snagged out of your cup holder. If you can’t afford to tip the correct amount, or not at all, please do not go out to eat.

Whistle to get my attention.

I’m sorry, do I look like a dog to you??

Sending a more-than-half-eaten meal back to the kitchen.

Classic. You ate half your steak, all your sides, but don’t want to pay for your meal for whatever reason. Sorry, doesn’t work that way pal.

Blaming your server for EVERYTHING.

Please be aware of the fact I did not make the menu, did not cook the food, set the hours for the restaurant, or know if the breading that we deep fry everything in is gluten-free (seriously, wtf is with this gluten-free thing now??).

“We are NEVER coming back here.”

Fine by me. Generally if a customer is upset with something, their server and a manager will try and resolve it in any way possible. If you still get angry enough with us to get THIS mad, I don’t want to have to deal with serving you again anyway.