My Last UWW Halloween: Costume Breakdown

Similarly to just about every other college student, I want to have a super great and creative Halloween costume, but I want it to cost me like $3 dollars (you know, like half of what I have in my bank account at any given time). This year, one of my best friend’s and I came up with a really neat costume, that was super inexpensive and super fun. Here’s what we came up with!

Now, this was FUN. We bought over-sized long sleeved t-shirts from a crafts store, like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for about $10. Used an Exacto-knife and some scissors to shred them up “Yeezy” style, and BOOM! We had our “dresses”.

Then, we used some black and white face paint we picked up from Walmart for about $4 dollars (split between us 2, $2) and looked up some cool designs on Pinterest to follow for a half-face design.

After about 45 minutes of perfecting face paint, we did our other sides of our faces with regular makeup we already had, then curled our hair just for something simple and quick.

Now this was the biggest purchase of the whole look: we invested in some thigh-high black suede boots to complete this look for about $50 (each of us). This is completely up to change depending on your budget, but we saw this as an opportunity to also get boots we could wear over and over, not just for Halloween! Any other shoe that you already have or a cheaper option could work just as well.


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