21 Ways To Deal With Stress

When life gets to be a little bit too much, I believe it’s important to remember there are things we can do to get us back on track.

  1. Get up a little earlier than you normally do – even if its just 15 minutes
  2. Try maintaining a sleep schedule
  3. Prepare for your day the night before
  4. Say “no” more often
  5. Avoid negativity
  6. Break down big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones
  7. Pet a dog
  8. Say something nice to someone, and to yourself
  9. Give yourself time to relax
  10. Turn on some music and dance
  11. Look at the stars
  12. Practice your breathing
  13. Surround yourself with great people and let them help you
  14. Sit down and vent to somebody
  15. Get up in the morning and stretch
  16. Eat cleaner, and get enough sleep
  17. Declutter your life – and your room
  18. Realize how people treat you and how that compares to how you should be treated
  19. Try and keep a journal
  20. Practice your appreciative listening
  21. Freely praise other people

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