College Cramming: My Favorite Studying Playlists

So like anything else, I have used my incredible gift of procrastination and saved all of my important projects for the very last minute – because that’s JUST HOW I ROLL. But it’s my senior year of college, I can be a little lazy if I wanna be! C’s get degrees, right mom?? Right…? *insert nervous sweating emoji here*

When I really need to buckle down and get things done (AKA have four mental breakdowns in the library until it closes at 2 am) , I need the right playlist to do so. Here are my go to Spotify playlists and artists for locking in and cranking out my schoolwork:

  1. ANYTHING by The Weeknd. And that’s not a song title people, I’m saying give me a playlist with every song the Weeknd has produced lately and I’m in an amazing mood. Try out the Spotify playlist titled “This Is: The Weeknd”, incredible stuff.
  2. The “Relax & Unwind” playlist on Spotify. I don’t actually know any of the songs or any of the words on there, but WOW is it super chill.
  3. Beyonce – obviously. Any. Day. Of. The. WEEK honey.
  4. John Mayer. Just do it.
  5. Spotify features a browsing option titled “Mood”. Literally, a playlist for every mood. Studying can make me feel every emotion across the board. Starting the mound of homework you saved until the night before? There’s a “Life Sucks” playlist for that. Contemplating dropping out of school because this is all just too much?? There’s an “All The Feels” playlist for that. What about when you finish 1 of the 40 things on your to- do list? Bump that “ON FLEEK” playlist kid, you earned it.


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